December 5, 2022 4:33 am

Posted: 22.12.2021 19:48


Last Sunday morning Corporal Roper Ellison and Deputy Darin Brooks were about to get off work at the Polk County Sheriffs Office. They had just pulled into the office in downtown Livingston when the dispatcher advised a fire call was coming in with a wheelchair-bound resident trapped. Both deputies made the normally 13-minute drive in 8-minutes. While en route the dispatcher advised she had lost contact with the resident. When they arrived the home was fully involved in flames. Both deputies exited their patrol cars and ran directly into the inferno hearing the man calling for help. Cpl. Ellison trapped the man from his wheelchair and put him over his shoulder. Deputy Brooks cleared debris for them to make an exit. The resident was not injured and refused medical treatment. Twenty seconds after they were clear of the house the porch erupted and collapsed. Wednesday morning Polk County Sheriff Lyons honored both deputies with a life-saving pin and certificate. Lyons said he is very proud of his deputies.

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