During the month of December 2018, the Polk County Sheriffs’ Office received multiple reports of burglaries in the subdivision located behind the Goodrich truck stop. A vehicle had also been reported stolen.

Robert Cantrell became the main suspect after he fled from the Livingston Police Department on Friday, December 21, 2019. Cantrell was a suspect in several vehicle burglaries in Livingston. Cantrell fled from the Goodrich truck stop into the subdivision. He was never located after an extensive service from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office and the Livingston Police Department.

Cantrell later fled from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in a stolen vehicle on January 3, 2019. After the cooperation from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, detectives with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office learned Cantrell was found in his possession of some of the stolen property from the burglaries in Polk County.

During the investigation, Cantrell had driven the stolen vehicle from Polk County to Houston. Cantrell dropped the vehicle off at a used car dealership in Houston and stole the vehicle he was arrested in. The vehicle was recovered and returned to the victim along with the stolen property from one of the burglaries.

Cantrell has been arrested for the burglary and the stolen vehicle in Polk County.

If anyone is able to provide any information pertaining to this case, contact Detective David Mitchell with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division at 936-329-9027.

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