A student fundraiser in Porter is coming up short, not because of a lack of hard work, but because of a bad check.

The average fundraiser for most student groups takes months to plan and nets between $500-$1000. That’s why the Porter High School Project Graduation group thought manning a large fireworks stand last summer was a great deal.

"I worked over 100 hours easily," says Porter senior Chris Collum.

Collum put in those hours with other seniors at Porter High School to raise money for one of the biggest nights of the year.

"Project Graduation is all about keeping kids safe the night of graduation, and I wanted to help with that," Collum said.

The high schoolers manned four trailers full of fireworks 24 hours a day for the 10-day selling season last summer. More than 20 kids and their parents held up their end of the deal.

"It would be a great local fundraiser. Support a local business. Support local kids what could have been better right," said the group vice president Brandy Smith.

It should have been worth it.

“When the man cheats us out of $2,500, that is huge," said parent Dawn Collum.

They did the work, but when it came time to get paid, the check bounced.

"On January 2nd he closed his business bank account and none of us have been able to contact him since," Chris Collum said.

The group is trying to get their money in civil court, but so far, they haven’t received a penny.

"Trusting — big mistake on our part,” said Smith. “You trust because you want to do what is right for the kids.”

KHOU 11 News has tried to contact the man who ran the stands. We are not naming him because like the group, we have been unable to reach him.

The 2013 Project Graduation is still scheduled for Saturday, June 1.

If you’d like to contribute to the committee’s fundraising efforts, click here for more information. CLICK HERE TO HELP WITH PROJECT GRADUATION 2013

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  1. LocalDrifter

    We are not naming him because like the group, we have been unable to reach him.

    So what kind of silliness is this? You had no problem naming the wrong-way-driving Marine moron who killed another driver then bailed the hospital going AWOL from justice when no one was able to reach/locate him. I say target him here and let an angry mob bearing bats and clubs bring him in in a “too-gruesome-to-post-the-photo” fashion.


    Hmmm…wonder which one…I know most all of them and I can pretty much wager who they are looking for too! Shame, there are some honest and good stand owners in this county, but as with everything else, there’s always some bad apples. Maybe now they will be run out of town!

  3. Texicandog

    Writing a $2,500 hot check is a felony, even if it is on a business account. Take it to the DA in the county it was written in.
    And name the guy publicly, so all will know what a scumbag he is. Turn up the heat on the guy.

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