Just after 3am as Patton Village Police were initiating a traffic stop on US 59 at Ipes the Porter What-a-Burger was robbed at gunpoint. A description of the actors vehicle was broadcast over the air. Within minutes the vehicle passed Patton Village Police northbound on US 59 past the traffic stop. As one officer remained with the stopped vehicle another initiated a pursuit on the Pacifica wanted in the robbery. Splendora Police joined the chase along with Montgomery County Sheriff’s office, Cleveland Police, San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office, DPS, and Polk County Sheriff’s Office. The chase reaching up to 120 MPH continued north on US 59 taking various exits before reaching Livingston. Once in Livingston the vehicle exited onto US59 business and continued into town. Going south on Washington then east on Liberty he continued to evade police. Once on Liberty Street he attempted to make a u-turn in the front yard of a home. As he did the Patton Village officer attempted to block him in. The suspect rammed the patrol car disabling it. He also struck a Polk County unit. At this point Splendora Police opened fire on the vehicle fearing the other officers lives were in danger. Several bullets struck the actors vehicle with one grazing Ray McGowen Jr., 20, of Livingston. McGowen was able to once again evade officers and was finally stopped approximately eight miles away where he tried to flee on foot but was quickly taken into custody. Officers at the scene recovered the weapon used in the robbery including on in the chamber that had mis fired jamming the gun. McGowen is facing multiple charges in Harris, Montgomery and Polk County. The Pacifica was also determined to be stolen from Houston.

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