Early Sunday afternoon with the high winds a tree along Highway 105 in the April Sound Subdivision broke off striking the power lines. The lines which cross all the lanes of Highway 105 snapped dropping to the roadway.
Lake Conroe Fire Department was dispatched to the scene who with the help of DPS and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office closed Highway 105 for almost two hours as line crews from Entergy repaired the lines. Traffic was backed up in both directions with many turning and using alternate routes.
Another problem Entergy ran into was as they approached on the right westbound shoulder of Highway 105 the drivers refused to give them space to cross over to the other side and start their work.
Power to most of April Sound was cut until crews could redirect the power. Due to the high winds crews were not able to trim the tree off the power line so that section of the line with remain unenergized until repairs can be made Monday.
Wind had been an issue since Saturday night after the frontal passage. Early Sunday morning DPS and Precinct 2 workers were called to Crighton Road where with the recent rains and high winds brought a large oak tree across the road. A vehicle traveling down Crighton struck it damaging the vehicle but not injuring the driver.

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