#PraySafe Proves to be a Needed Program In East Montgomery County

Constable Rowdy Hayden recently wrapped up a second meeting with local Houses of Worship in and around the Pct. 4, Montgomery County area.   #PraySafe is a two-part program separated into PraySafe1 and PraySafe2.  PraySafe1 is a group meeting of leaders from local Houses of Worship, it’s the prerequisite for PraySafe2 and covers topics such as, “The History of Church Violence”, “How to Get Started”, “Forming a Safety and Security Team”, “Team Training”, and several different types of action plans.  Leaders are then sent back to their Houses of Worship with the ground work and knowledge to prepare for PraySafe2.  Once their leadership forms the safety teams, prepared a policy and procedure manual and other planning procedures, Constable Hayden then holds specialized training on location tailored specifically to the needs of the House of Worship.

So far, Constable Hayden and his team of deputies assigned to #PraySafe have met with more than sixty leaders representing over 30 local churches.  Constable Hayden stated, “It’s upsetting that we have to actually have programs such as #PraySafe, but an absolute honor to be able to meet with and train leaders in our local churches in and around our area; ultimately providing knowledge, safety and security to those attending church.”

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Source: Sgt. Jim Slack – Montgomery County Pct. 4 Constable’s Office

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