With the 4th of July approaching, Constable Cash and the Pct. 1 Constable’s Office, Marine Division wish to remind everyone to have a safe and happy July 4th. The Precinct 1 Constable Office has started placing extra personnel on the lake and at area marinas in an effort to remind everyone using the lake to be safe. Precinct 1 Deputies will be enforcing the San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA) Rules and Regulations on the water and other Deputies will be conducting Voluntary Safety Checks at area marinas.

In an effort to have emergency medical personnel available on Lake Conroe; Precinct 1 Constables office has partnered with the Montgomery County Hospital District (MCHD). MCHD sends paramedic supervisors out on the water in Precinct 1 boats, during busy holiday weekends. This allows for a quick medical response to any emergency that happens on the water. This past weekend the medics were kept fairly busy when a boater was severely injured by a propeller. The boater was trying to pull his vessel off of a sand bar and a passenger attempted to help by engaging the motor (putting it in gear).
The male in the water was struck by the prop and received multiple lacerations to his legs. The boater was transported to the hospital, where he was reported in stable condition.

The Precinct 1 Constables office would like to remind all boaters to completely shut your engines off while anyone is in the water, or around your boat. Swimmers are reminded to stay away from the back of the boat and motor and to use a ladder (the engine is not a step) when re-boarding the vessel.

Throughout this past weekend the Precinct 1 Constables office made contact with over 400 people while at the lake. More than half of those came through the Safety Check Program. This voluntary program that educates and checks the boats, before they are launch for the required safety equipment.

All boats are required to have the following:

• A personal floatation device (PFD) that is size appropriate for each person on the vessel;
• A Class IV Throwable or Ring Buoy;
• A Charged and Accessible Fire Extinguisher;
• A Sound Producing Devise for Emergencies (Boar Horn, Air Horn or Whistle);
• And the Registration Card for the Vessel.

Boaters that participate in this voluntary safety check are given a card with a map of the lake, SJRA rules, and locations of area marina. This card also serves as notification to law enforcement officers, on the lake, that this boat has been checked and has all its safety equipment.

This past weekend there were several arrests for Boating While Intoxicated (BWI). The boating public is reminded the Precinct 1 Constable’s Deputies and its other law enforcement partners, will be enforcing all rules regulation on the lake including BWI.

The Precinct 1 Constable’s asks those making plans to be on the water for the 4th of July to always check the weather forecast before you leave and keep abreast of changing weather conditions. Rain is anticipated for Wednesday July 4th and boaters are reminded if caught in the rain, it usually best to stay where you’re at and wait it out. If you are planning on watching fireworks from your vessel, boaters are required, by law to use navigation lights while in underway (moving); and your anchor light on while anchored or stationary.

Constable Cash says, “Be sensible, be safe and enjoy our beautiful lake.”

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