Its almost like Jon Westley Emmons, age ,of has slipped through the cracks. A concerned motorist contacted dispatch Friday night to report a possible drunk driver in a Toyota Scion 4-door. The vehicle was driving all over the road from Vick and FM 1485 to US 59. When Deputy Eli Rivera found the driver he was sitting behind the wheel with the engine running. Complete with a malt Liquor in hand and his six-year-old son in the back seat sitting on a cardboard box. But wait he was concerned about his safety..he had his seatbelt on.

Deputy Rivera asked him to step out of the vehicle and was able to determine he was impaired. He was taken to the Montgomery County Jail on a $25,000 bond. Evidently it wasn’t enough as he bonded out just after daylight.

Emmons has a long history. of Driving While Intoxicated.

On May 10, 1991 he was arrested for DWI by Hernandez with DPS and given 180 days probation. At that time he posted a $500 bond with Daisy Bail Bonds.

Then on September 22, 1991 the day before his 2oth birthday he was arrested again for DWI posting a $1000 bond with Daisy Bail Bonds again. His probation was revoked from the first DWI and he did six months.

On October 17, 1993 he was arrested by Montgomery County Precinct 4 for DWI 3rd or more. He was given four years probation in the 359th District Court.

On November 5, 1993 he was arrested by Palestine Police for DWI which was a third degree felony. He was given thirty days in jail and five years probation.

On August 24, 1999 he was again arrested for DWI in Livingston. and given five years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice which ran together with several other theft by check charges and a failure to appear.

On April 20, 2003 he was arrested for possession of marijuana and sentenced to 180 days.

On January 28, 2007 he was once again arrested for DWI in Montgomery County and March 3, 2009 started his three year sentence, 

Besides the above charges he has has multiple theft by check, possession and driving while license suspended charges.


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  1. Laura

    What the hell is wrong with our justice system? What is it going to take to convict him and put him behind bars before he kills someone, possibly his own daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is he allowed to bond out time after time and not be put away for a long, long time? There’s no punishment I suppose until a drunk driver has actually injured or killed someone else!!!! What a joke!!!!!!!!

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