Just after 3:00p.m. today Precinct 4 Deputy Eli Rivera who is assigned to the MAP(Motorist Assistance Program) was dispatched to a motorist who was locked out of his vehicle. Ryan Polvado of Poster came out of the Rent A Center at 25021 FM 1314 and found he had locked his keys in his gray Ford Ranger. Not having what it would cost to have a wrecker called out he called 911.

When Deputy Rivera arrived he asked Polvado for identification. He then checked Polvado for any warrants. To his surprise the motorist had a total of one dozen outstanding warrants. Eight of these were through Precinct 4 and another four issued by Roman Forest Police. He had set up a payment program for the warrants but then failed to fulfill the agreement. He was transported to the Easy Montgomery County Jail.

The MAP truck travels the US 59 corridor assisting motorists who have run out of fuel, have a flat tire or just have mechanical problems. The vehicle provided by Precinct 4 Commissioner Ed Rinehart and manned by Precinct $ Constables Office in an effort to eliminate some of the serious injuries and crashes that occur on US 59 due to disabled vehicles.  They are dispatched by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

Many motorists do no realize that if they do break down and need roadside help they can look at the back of their Texas Drivers License just above the bar code. In very fine print you will find.


The toll-free line has been operated by DPS since 1989 for motorists to use when reporting non-life-threatening situations on Texas roads and highways. DPS then passes the information along to the appropriate local police agency or DPS office.

If a tow truck is ultimately dispatched, the motorist is responsible for any costs incurred. Some cities and agencies do have courtesy patrols and roadside trucks to provide non-towing services and they may be dispatched by the local agencies when appropriate. These two points are misrepresented in the widely-circulated e-mail that has led to an increase in inquiries to the Roadside Assistance Hotline.

The number, 1-800-525-5555, is printed on the back of virtually all Texas driver licenses and identification cards. Customers of participating wireless companies¾ALLTEL, Nextel, Cingular Wireless, Houston Cellular and Verizon Wireless¾can dial *DPS (*377) free of airtime charges anywhere in Texas.

Examples of when a motorist should call the Roadside Assistance Hotline include: stranded with car problems, hazardous road conditions, debris in the roadway, suspicious activity at a rest area, and obviously intoxicated or dangerous drivers.

The Roadside Assistance Hotline is not intended to replace 911 as an emergency number; 911 should still be the first option for emergency situations.

To better assist our communications operators please have the following information ready:

· Your name, cell phone number (and vehicle description if applicable);

· Highway location (mile marker would be helpful); and

· County location, or city location if inside city limits.

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