HOUSTON – Investigators with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office
(HCSO) Special Investigations Unit arrested 8 people during what
attendees believed to be a bachelor party. The event was actually a
prostitution sting.

On Wednesday, December 9, the Criminal Investigations Bureau’s
Special Investigations Vice Unit held a mock bachelor party in north
Harris County. The unit invited suspects from two targeted groups
believed to have been soliciting young women, some of whom were possibly
minors, for prostitution. Undercover investigators contacted the groups
and negotiated for them to bring young girls to the party, specifically
for providing sex for a fee to the individuals at the party. In
addition, undercover investigators solicited women on popular,
mainstream Internet sites to attend the party for the same purpose. The
“party” was held at 714 FM 1960 West. Once the suspects arrived,
undercover investigators initiated prostitution investigations and
arrested five females and three males. One minor was also detained.

The Special Investigations Vice Unit utilized multiple divisions within
the HCSO such as Narcotics, Administrative Support, Auto Theft, Human
Trafficking and Rescue Alliance (HTRA), Patrol, Reserves and
Transportation to effectively and safely complete the operation. The
FBI/ Human Trafficking Alliance was also involved due to the possibility
of minors being trafficked for prostitution. 

The following are the suspects arrested and their subsequent charges:

trejo saul 1035657




Trejo, Saul Noe
 H/M, DOB 12/02/72                    
Agg. Promotion of Prostitution

 rosa contreas blanca 1411741








Rosa-Contreas, Blanca
H/F, DOB 12/20/82
faz amanda 1635812
Faz, Amanda
H/F, DOB 04/30/85
Prostitution; Fail to ID to a Peace Officer
henderson christopher  1635825
Henderson, Christopher
B/M, DOB 11/28/84              
Unlawful Carry of Weapon
medina marta a 1635813
Medina, Marta Alicia
H/F, DOB 03/28/78

torres libia  1635814







Torres, Libia
H/F, DOB 05/25/88


sepulveda devanira 1635815









Sepulveda, Devanira
H/F, DOB 01/24/78 
Agg.Promotion of Prostitution
salazar fernando 1635816
Salazar, Fernando
H/M, DOB 09/16/83
Fail to ID to a Peace Officer

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