Just after 8:00a.m. Sunday morning Brian David Kennedy, age 35  , of Splendora was driving north on FM 1485. As he approached Pine Wilde his chocolate lab puppy jumped in the front seat with him causing him to lose control and strike the guard rail on the right shoulder. After striking the guardrail the vehicle flipped onto it’s roof and started sliding parallel to the road in the ditch which was full of water. His truck went through the deepest point and came to rest in about two feet of water entrapping him.

New Caney Fire Department assisted him on getting out along with his puppy. Neither suffered any injuries. Tools and welding machines which were in the bed of the truck were spilled into the water. One of the welding machines was allowing gas and oil to escape into the water.

Mark Seals, a diver was requested to the scene and assisted in recovering the tools and preventing further contamination of the water. EMC Wrecker was able to winch the truck out and move it to their storage yard.

The driver was cited by DPS for Driving on an Improved Shoulder.

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  1. robertson14124

    @shellymarie44, Do you realize this man works very hard to get as much info too the web-site, and for who us. So, slack off. Where is PUPPY mis-spelled? Why do people have to complain about the small stuff.

  2. shellymarie44

    This is a family member of mine that was in this accident and to set the record straight, his dog did not cause the accident. It was a problem with the tire.

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