On February 3, 2019, at about 10:00 pm, a Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Deputy discovered an unusual situation while performing an area patrol near the Dollar General in 37500 block of FM1774 in Magnolia Texas. Citizens in the parking lot advised the Deputy that they found a box containing young puppies that someone placed in the trash dumpster. Through the on-duty supervisor, a foster volunteer with Lani’s Lucky Shepherds of Houston – A German Shepherd Dog Rescue was contacted and agreed to take the puppies in. The Deputy then transported the healthy puppies to the volunteer’s house where they were given safe shelter, food, and attention until more permanent accommodations could be found. The Deputy’s area patrol was a proactive response to a recent increase in burglaries at these type of stores in the area. Unfortunately, there was no evidence found at the scene to indicate who was responsible for abandoning the puppies. The compassion and teamwork showed by both the Deputy and the volunteer are yet another example of what a great community Montgomery County is to live and work in.

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  1. WoodlandsDude

    This is the epitome of ignorant, stupid “TRASH” behavior. It costs very little to neuter a dog or cat and prevent unwanted litters. The scumbag who did this could have left the puppies at the animal shelter or someplace better than a dumpster. And so on, this was 100% unjustifiable.

    Decent people should not have to share the oxygen we breathe with this sort of vermin.

    Animal cruelty is a heinous crime and the penalties for it should be increased. The district attorney, judges, MCSO, and MoCo police agencies should come down on these garbage people with force.

    The MoCo LE/justice system likes to look like the are tough on crime, especially DUI and burglaries, but if you follow many criminal cases cases through from crime to arrest to prosecution and verdict, many, many career criminals get off with very lightl, inconsequential sentences (3 days in MC jail for a crime that shoud have resulted in a 9-12 month sentence in a Texas State Jail, a fairly recent incident) and returned to our streets to keep on being garbage people and committing crimes against the citizens of MoCo.

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