pursuit ends in officer involved shooting

MOORE,CHASERYANEAST COUNTY — Just before 9 p.m. Sunday, a Montgomery County Precinct 4 Deputy Constable who was northbound on Loop 494 in Porter spotted a truck pulling a travel trailer with no taillights. The deputy attempted to stop the vehicle. The Chevrolet pickup then accelerated to speeds of 75 mph running people off the road.

As they approached the intersection of FM  1485 a Montgomery County Precinct 4 Canine Unit  had part of the intersection blocked in an attempt to stop the fleeing vehicle and to stop any other traffic traveling south on Loop 494.

As the truck reached the intersection the driver plowed into the Precinct 4 SUV and then turned east on FM 1485. About 100 yards east he attempted to turn again and ran into the ditch.

Deputies immediately ordered the driver out of the vehicle. The driver however turned in the seat and attempted to crawl into the back seat. After ordering the suspect out several more times the suspect attempted to retrieve something off the rear floorboard.

The officer fearing for his safety fired three shots through the windshield striking the suspect in the buttocks.

The suspect identified as Chase Moore, 27 of Splendora was transported by MCHD to Ben Taub Hospital where is is being held in unknown condition.

The deputy whose vehicle was struck was transported to St. Lukes in The Woodlands in stable condition. His SUV was totaled. His K-9 partner was not injured.

Officers on the scene contacted the registered owner in Spring who stated his father had borrowed the truck to visit a friend on Tram Road and FM 2090 in Splendora. After checking with his father he learned the vehicle had been stolen.

The owner of the travel trailer, which had a for sale sign on it, was contacted. It had been stolen in Kingwood just moments before the deputy attempted to stop the vehicle.

According to the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office Moore will be charged with two counts of aggravated assault on a  police officer and evading arrest. He will also be facing additional charges.

As per policy the deputy will be put on desk duty for several days as the investigation continues.

According to the District Attorney’s Office the shooting will be referred to the Montgomery County Grand Jury without charges. Even though the shooting is cleared by the District Attorney’s Office they still as per policy of any officer discharge of firearm case refer it to the Grand Jury which consists of twelve or thirteen citizens of Montgomery County.

Moore who has an extensive criminal history was also involved in another pursuit just over ten years ago. In that pursuit which was initiated by Roman Forest Police Department he and his brother led police on a chase. Back then the section the pursuit was taking place in was not totally developed and many roads were in poor shape. The chase was stopped. Several hours later Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy’s for the vehicle wrecked in the back of Roman Forest. Moore was injured in that crash and his brother was killed.




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  1. spk

    The really sad and unjust thing about these crimes is that the perpetrator never has to pay the actual monetary cost of all he has caused. Others do. The other really sad thing is that it is usually habitual criminals or people with criminal records who do these things. All they have to do is sit in jail/prison for a while and everyone else has to pay the expense. This needs to change. Why can’t they go to work while incarcerated and foot the bill?

  2. LazyCop

    Wasting time on a Grand Jury investigation on the shooting of this slime ? Something’s wrong with this picture. The Deputy should have been decorated in the field for his actions. Now, just how is this trashy “actor” still on the streets ? Oh, what…? Some liberal judge, probation board or some mistake has allowed him and others to be released and prey on us. Not good. Let’s work to change that folks. What excellent coverage of this mess by the MCPR…the only real source of criminal news in our area. Glad someone finally stood up and started reporting the real situations law enforcement faces every day, all day on this website. All of us law abiding citizens sure hope the Deputy Constable gets back in action soon, the father of the idiot should have the necessary insurance to pay for the medical bills, damages of all sorts, and the law enforcement SUV.

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