Just after noon Saturday DPS Troopers were running radar on Antique Lane near the New Caney Post Office when a pickup with 3 occupants approached them doing 60 mph in a 30 mph zone. As the Trooper attempted to stop the truck the driver slowed the sped off  at a high rate of speed. Two DPS units chased the truck east on FM 1485 just past Roberts Road. As they got close to Caney Creek the driver attempted to jump a dirt mound which led to a road along the creek. He made it to the top after crashing through a pipe gate.

All 3 occupants fled on foot, Two, which wee Hispanic males ran toward Baptist Encampment. The Hispanic male driver wearing a red polo shirt ran across a clearing near the creek. Just as the Trooper was about to grab him the suspect dropped out of arms reach.

A cliff , covered in dirt, brush and concrete led to the creek below, The drop was close to thirty feet straight down, Troopers, knowing the driver had to be injured from the fall made their was down and discovered the suspect had fled.

Montgomery County Precinct 4 was dispatched to the scene with their Bloodhound, “Oliver”. Oliver tracked the suspect almost three miles through brush and water ending up close to the intersection of Robert’s Road and Loop 494.

The vehicle was not reported stolen at the time of the chase.

Anyone with information on the driver or passengers is asked to call DPS or Montgomery County Crime Stoppers.



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