pursuit leads to arrest and recovery

RICHMOND.BODue to numerous complaints regarding traffic violations in Bennett Estates Subdivision, Precinct 4 Constable Kenneth “Rowdy” Hayden increased patrols there. Wednesday afternoon, that resulted in a felony arrest and the recovery of stolen property.

A deputy was parked, monitoring traffic in the 11400 block of Calhoun Road when an orange 4-wheeler passed him at a high rate of speed. The deputy attempted to initiate a traffic stop, but the suspect refused to comply.

The deputy continued to pursue the suspect, who turned into a wooded area and became stuck, allowing the deputy to exit his vehicle and approach the suspect on foot.

The suspect resisted arrest, but the deputy managed to take him into custody. The 4-wheeler was reported stolen in 2008 and can now be returned to its rightful owner.

Bo Lee Richmond, 30, of Conroe is charged with third-degree felony Evading Arrest or Detention Using a Motor Vehicle; class A misdemeanor Theft; and Resist, Arrest, Search or Transport (class A misdemeanor)

Richmond also had outstanding warrants for Violate Promise to Appear and Driving While License Suspended.

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  1. lastcountry

    Sure wish officers would sit-up out here in white oak valley (east county, grangerland area)..hard to get out of my drive way with out being hit by a atv ,offroad motorcycle, golfcart,,or some rigged up scooter with a motor..but perhaps when a death occurs something will be done..Reactive law enforcement in montgomery county, dontcha know …

  2. 09mack

    He deserves to get busted running from the law on a 4 wheeler and getting cought. That’s what he gets dang thief. Start cutting there hands off I bet this will all stop. They want to play dirty lets get dirty. I bet Obama would give them Obama care 4 life then. Go figure!!!!!

  3. LazyCop

    Mr. Richmond is a very lucky fellow…he did not get shot and killed by the officer who was in danger for his life as well. Perhaps they need to set up there for a few more days and reel in a few more of these losers. Hopefully we will find out just what else this fine young man has stolen, not to mention what other crimes against individuals he has most likely committed.

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