Just as the crash on SH 105 was clearing up, the driver of a red pickup drove  through the scene of the crash. DPS Troopers initiated a pursuit which only got up to close to 70mph at the fastest. The driver who has not yet been identified stayed east on SH 105  and at several points got behind a vehicle but did not pass even though there was a passing lane. THe driver ran several red lights as he went into Cleveland. With close to 20 units now involved including DPS, Montgomery County, Liberty County, San Jacinto County, Cleveland Police and Liberty County Precinct 6 Constables the driver cut through a business at Business 59 and SH 105 and went south. He then made a u-turn back north to SH 105 and west to US 59. With a DPS helicopter overhead the driver continued almost to Shepherd where a Trooper was able to deploy his spikes.  Deflating the front tire, the truck drug the spikes under it until the driver was forced to the side and removed from the truck. It is still unknown why he ran or why he ran through the crash scene.




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  1. gnamaree

    Nobody had anything to do this morning, huh, but to go on a leisurely country drive? That was a ridiculous and beyond wasteful use of time and expense of manpower. Who the 18th guy driving courteously in line? What was with a formation that constituted a pursuit of a old man, who could have been taken out in the first five miles with a PIT maneuver? Good going MCSO,DPS amongst others!!! Those two are the only ones I’m paying taxes on to care though.

    Side note: now I know why it takes hour or more to get a deputy out to my house by MCSO, on Lake Conroe, in Willis.

  2. BigBadWolf

    One of those 20 units should’ve used the PIT Maneuver at the very beginning. The idiot could’ve killed somebody running red lights.

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