Approximnately 4pm a Montgomery County Precinct 2 Deputy on routine patrol along the Fish Creek Thouroughfare observed two motorcycles traveling at high rate of speed northbound in a 35mph zone.The deputy initiated a pursuit at which time the motorcycles made a u turn and started to flee southbound, one of the bikes sideswiping the patrol vehicle.
The motorcycles continued southbound at which point they approached Ranch Park Drive.
At that point a pickup pulling a travel trailer was turning and was struck by one of the motorcycles causing the bike to go under it.
EMS crews worked on the scene to save the rider Dustin Ferguson, age 24, of Tomball. He was transported to Hermann Woodlands where he was pronounced dead.The second bike continued southbound onto FM 2978 and continued south until almost reaching the county line. At this point a Precinct 5 constable tried to block his path and that motorcycle rammed him in the front of his patrol truck. The driver still attempted to flee but was detained by the Precinct 5 Deputy.
The second driver was identified as Jeremy Patrick Kaelin, age 23 of Spring.
Kaelin was booked into the Montgomery County jail on charges of evading arrest with a vehicle and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. The 2008 Yamaha he was riding was reported stolen by the Houston Police Department. His bonds total $80,000.
Trooper Alders with the Texas Department of Public Safety is continuing his investigation. No deputies were injured in the incident.


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  1. RoadkillStew

    The one that was caught, had prevously had an accident in ’09, based on what would seem to be…riding like an idiot.

    Some of his commentary.. “i like spirited rides me and a few others on here never see under triple digits on backroads, and always 189 in the straights.

    to me its boring if i roll at a slow pace when you know in your head just how much faster you really can go ”

    or “if i remember correctly right before the haters arrived, i smoked that vette 2 up shifting through the gears on one wheel to about 150, he couldnt look at me with a straight face after that when he pulled up back beside me haha “

  2. rebelbabe1978

    You are right where is the respect. Where is the respect for the law? Where is the respect for innocent citizens lives? Where is the common sense not to break the law and take a chance of not only killing your self but possibly innocent others? You tell me where was the respect of the deceased driver when he decided to run from law enforcement? I understand his family is dealing with a loss; but at the same time he and his friend could have taken the lives of innocent citizens who were not breaking the law as they were.

    1. Scott Engle

      The reason it wasn’t posted is it was Montgomery County Precinct 2 Constables involved in the chase initially not Sheriff’s office. Second reason it wasn’t a two lane road at that point it was 4.

  3. Jlg14

    Officer Engle,

    Sorry about the computer gletch. Windows Vista…

    Officer Engle,

    Your information is wrong. First, the police chase started on FM 105 (Conroe) not 1/4 of a mile from the accident scene. More like 10 miles. Oh! there were four bikes, they split or so I was told. Second, yes the second bike left the scene (coward). However, he side swiped the right side of the officers vehicle (look at the photo’s again), not head-on. Who know’s maybe you are one of the officers I was speaking about in my initial responce. Stay safe!

    PS no need to reply, I will not respond again.

    1. Scott Engle

      maybe you need to look at some dash cam tape before you respond again. yes one bike hit the patrol car , its on dash cam of handlebars hitting, oher bike hit front of pct 5 pickup , it is on tape. no it didnt start on 105, funny where u get your info.

  4. christina

    I heard about this from a friend and it’s so unfortunate that Dusty’s life is over. I knew Dusty through “friends”, but only hung out with him once, one on one. It’s sad to say, the crowd that I called my “friends” at one point in time, are all going down hill fast. I get a call every few months with some crazy story that’s always in the news which is a constant reminder of why I changed my life and the ppl I surround myself with. I hope that maybe it will open someone’s eyes, there are so many ppl in this Tomball, Magnolia clique who live wrecklessly and don’t realize all of the havoc,pain, and misfortune, they are bringing to their live,their families lives, and all of the people they come in contact with. Another life gone. How sad.

  5. donk11

    montgomery county has a no chase policy of motorcycles and the still chased them they deleted my last comment cause they know im right and they can get in trouble huh

  6. donk11

    Montgomery County Sheriff office has a no chase on 2 lane roads of speeds over 100 for the saftey of innocent bystanders, so the sheriff officers should of called the chase off and no one would of been hurt. i think the sheriff officers should be held responsable for the kids life even no he ran.

  7. lostfriend

    If he was in a subdivision, speeding, then why would an officer think to even continue the chase? The truth is, you may be able to out run a car but you can’t out run a radio. I ask again…why did an officer pick up speed in a subdivision? Did they enter a neighborhood?

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  9. Jlg14

    I have a few of questions:

    Q1; Were the two motorcyclist initially wanted for a violent crime(s)?
    Q2; If not, why did the police pursue them so agressively, apparently agressive enough to endanger innocent citizens?
    Q3; I know running from peace officers is a crime. However, was this chase that necessary i.e. necessary enough that it cost one’s life?

    Comment: If the answer to the three questions is NO or cannot be answered… Then I believe a few police officers as well as the policy writers should seriously re-think why the became police officers to begin with. Because the way this one incident was handled, well in my opnion “was handled dead wrong.”

    PS I come from generations of peace officers and understand why the majority become peace officers.


    1. Scott Engle

      For one the first chase was very short. The one who died ran from the officer a very short distance , made a u turn and ran his bike into the side of the patrol car before speeding off in the middle of a 35mph subdivision with kids playing etc. Then as the truck with the travel trailer turned he ran into it.
      The second bike was stolen from Houston and he left his buddy and kept going. At the end of the chase he rammed the front of a constable patrol vehicle with his bike. Now you answer the yes or no!!!

  10. Worried mother

    How many young people have to die before you children wake up!?! Another life gone, wasted, because of stupid decisions in their life. Now another young life will grow up not knowing their father. Another mother and father are mourning the loss of their son and asking why did this happen to my child? My comment to the young man LUCKY enough not to be killed is…. WAKE UP!!! I can only hope and pray during your time in prison you think about what has happen and the choices you have made, and the life now gone, your friend…TWO lives. As a mother myself I will do whatever it takes to save my child from this group of kids that have lost their way. My prayers go out to the Ferguson family.

  11. [email protected]

    I was headed this way,on my way home from work yesterday when i came to a point in the road where a man was directing traffic to take an alternative route. Never could i have imagined that just beyond the curve all of this was taking place. Your smiling face and fearless attitude will be missed by many Dusty. You are a name that no one will forget. My prayers go out to his family. Im still in shock …one day your here, the next gone. Now is def the time to reach out to your loved ones, friends & family that you may have lost touch with, let them know how you feel. Life is too short and we never know just how much precious time we have left.

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