Tuesday night just after 10p.m. Willis Police attempted to stop a speeding motorcycle in the Willis City limits. The motorcycle then accelerated to speeds of up to 130mph.

With Willis and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in pursuit the bike ran south on IH45 to FM 1488. He then traveled west on FM1488 to FM 2978. From there he traveled south into Harris County and through Tomball on FM 2978 south of FM2920 to Boudreaux Road.  On Boudreaux he sped west crossing SH 249 to Telge Road. Then south on Telge crossing Spring Cypress and Grant Roads. He then want west on Kluge Road and into a subdivision where he ditched the motorcycle. The chase ran 44 miles.

At this hour Harris County K-9 units are combing the woods looking for the suspect.

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  1. thelaw

    I was involved, I mean I know(wink wink) the Willis Officer who started the chase. The bike was stolen and we I mean they never caught the driver but did get the passenger. The driver was identified and warrants are being issued. The driver was also the one involved in the manhunt in the National forest the next day, which he again was in a stolen vehicle and got away.

  2. LL40

    I along with two passengers were passed by the motorcycle and police during this chase on Tuesday evening. The rate of speed that this motorcycle was traveling was unbelievable. He came up behind me and zipped around my car so close that all of in the car panicked. He was well into my lane and had to be only inches from hitting me. I have not yet heard why there was a chase or if they were ever caught, but that night could have ended much different for my passengers and I. Hopefully they will be prosecuted for whatever they had done.

  3. Swatz

    Well I’m surprised he did so well. Usually when people run on bikes they end up hurting themselves. Then again, if they were allowed to shoot him or ram him, it would have been over much faster. Hope they catch him, of course. But I was surprised this is how it turned out so far.

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