Just before 10:30 p.m., Thursday, Magnolia Police began chasing a Deputy U.S. Marshal in an unmarked vehicle. The chase started in Magnolia and traveled north on F.M. 1774 through Waller County and then ended in Grimes County, near Plantersville. The pursuit involved Magnolia Police and Montgomery County Deputies and was stopped by a roadblock created by Grimes County Deputies.

According to Grimes County reports, at least three Magnolia Police officers pursued a suspect, who turned out to be a U.S. Marshals Deputy in an unmarked Chevrolet pickup. Police say they followed the Deputy U.S. Marshal with their lights activated, but he did not pull over. The chase ended at the intersection of F.M. 1774 and State Highway 105. Grimes County Deputy reports indicate that the Deputy Marshal was turned over to Magnolia Police, who told them he was responding to a call in Bryan. The Deputy Marshal’s story was reportedly verified by Magnolia Police and then released.

"I’m not concerned about what his resume is. I’m concerned about why that individual didn’t pull over,” said Grimes County Sheriff, Don Sowell.

According to reports, the chase reached speeds of 100 MPH on the two-lane highway.

"You cannot place the public in that kind of danger and then you have several units pursuing you. You’re required to pull over,” said Sowell.

Sheriff Sowell says even though his department was called in to assist and the chase ended in Grimes County, he has yet to hear from the U.S. Marshals Service as to why the agent allegedly refused to pull over.

Sowell said,  "I think the U.S. Marshal’s Service certainly needs to justify to the agencies that initiated pursuit and all of them as to what justified this."

Grimes County Deputies were able to safely close down State Highway 105 before the chase reached that busy intersection. No one was injured.

An employee with Magnolia Police told US  to contact the U.S. Marshals Service for information about the incident. A spokesperson for the Marshals Service told us the incident is under investigation and he would not release the Deputy Marshals’ name. KBTX News contacted Bryan Police to see if the Marshal was responding to an incident in Bryan, but police refused to comment.

It remains unknown why Magnolia Police began to pursue the pickup truck. The Deputy U.S. Marshal is reportedly based out of the Houston area.

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  1. renea

    I keep mentioning how it’s difficult already to get people to pay attention to the law, it makes it harder when the people who are supposed to enforce it go around acting as if it doesn’t apply to them. It seems as if he had no reason to avoid stopping unless he was feeling guilty of something.

  2. really66

    There again…….lack of communication! The US Marshall could have made a call and the dispatcher would be able to let the officers know what was going on! BUT 100 mph!!!! REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOTAL Lack of respect for the citizens!!

  3. lovemyzeus

    from what I know about the law, Military and Special gov escorts are not required to pull over due to a national secuity or extreme situation. this type of incident is very rare and well coodinated and documented. in those special circumstances the target vehicle would obey most traffic laws, so as to not to bring attention to their movement. usually more then 1 vehicle is involved so the target vehicle can continue en route and the lead or follow vehicle may contact local law enforcement if a problem arises. this happens ALOT in Houston but the gov agencies involved use caution and planning so no one, including law enforcement, are suspicious. attention is the last thing the Military or gov wants. it seems unusual a US Marshall, late at night and on his way to Bryan, needed clearance used for the militay and then on top of that reach speeds of 100 MPH. i was not aware Brayn was a destination of top gov infomation? this seems odd. i trained with hpd to address and not interfer in top secret transports. i would like to hear the complete story before i form an opinion, RR

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