Over the past few nights, multiple calls have come in due to high-performance cars and trucks spinning tires and racing in local parking lots. Several nights ago several customers were in the parking lot of Academy which was still open. Multiple vehicles started revving engines and doing doughnuts in the parking lot. That was not the first time. Wedned=sday night once again smoke was seen coming from the area of Cinemark Theatres. Investigation showed again multiple vehicles in the parking lot. Motor oil was placed on the parking lot.
the drivers were then doing burnouts. Cinemark estimated damage and cleanup to be close to $8,000. Then again tonight multiple reports came in from business owners and citizens reporting vehicles again racing and doing doughnuts. As a few units moved in close to 200 vehicles fled the area. Many went to Randall Reed Stadium. There Precinct 4 Deputies, DPS, and New Caney ISD shut the parking lot down. One arrest was made of one male who had been doing doughnuts in the Cinema parking lot. He is being charged with criminal mischief. New Caney ISD Officers warned the teens to stay off the property. As units were investigating another large group formed at the
New Caney Walmart. As units responded the dispersed and moved to the Valley Ranch parking lot. Multiple drivers were identified from the earlier incident and warrants will be issued for them at a later date.

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