Dear friends,
I am asking for help. My parents were recently scammed. I would like to see if anyone could help me in finding out any further information.
Here is the Story, A gentleman approached my parents door. Claiming to be with Karnak Crporation. He sat in my parents living room, explaining the product and the cost. He explained to them they would not charge the cost of labor and would charge them a flat fee of $39 for applying this product to their roof. My parents were in disbelief. They asked lots of questions and he seemed to have all the right answers. All he wanted to do in return was put out a sign for advertisement in their front yard. After speaking with the man for sometime. My parents finally agreed to $39 fee and the advertisement in the front yard for applying the product to roof.
My parents then walked outside with him. There was another man. He was the one that was going to apply the product. He then got on the roof and started to apply it. My mother asked for a business card and they told her, all of their information was on the flyer they had given her inside. My parents went in shortly after he began. It was too hot outside for them and they are not healthy at all.
A few minutes later they came to the door and told them, There was a problem. It would take a lot more of the product then anticipated. They had already applied 6 gallons and would need to apply 20 more gallons. They only had gotten approximately one of the bedrooms covered. They then told her it was going to be 39$ per gallon. She told them that is not what they said from the beginning. They argued with her, trying to get her to pay the money they had already used. She agreed to pay them a check for the 39$ she agreed to. They wanted cash…Believe me if you have ever argued with my mother you will not win… after trying to get cash out of her. They finally gave up and left. Now my parents roof is not complete and we are not even sure if they used the product they were claiming to use.
Mom called me very upset about it. I told her to give me the information and I would look into it. I contacted this company. They do not apply the product they only produce it. They are very interested in finding out who is using their name to scam people. So I am asking if anyone has heard of anything like this to please contact me or the company to help us find these crooks and fix this company’s name..They have been great to me and have responded quickly. I sent a copy of the flyer the gentlemen gave. Turns out it was a print out of Karnak most frequently asked questions.
These two gentlemen were Spanish, dressed alike, claimed to be father and son, and had what appeared to be a company truck. They never gave names. If you see these people get a license plate or any other kind of information you can.
Please share and get the word out. Let’s see if we can catch these crooks

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  1. justalocal

    About April we were approached by two guys in a pickup truck claiming to coat roofs for $50 and they were hispanic in a newer model white Chevy truck. We knew that was a scam right off the bat because we are Do-It-Yourselfers on our house so we know the reality of what it costs to coat a roof. We asked for a business card and since they could not produce one we told them to get lost. Our property is fenced off so they can’t just walk right up to our door. We were outside doing some gardening when they pulled up in our driveway. After they left they exited our neighborhood. They were up to no good!

    Never do business with someone soliciting you at your door. If they don’t have a business card or are unwilling to give a name and phone number, tell them to GET LOST.

    Only do business with people when YOU initiate the contact with.

    I wish could give more detail. Maybe this will help.

    We also have been approached by scammers claiming they can do driveways for $50. PLEASE I’M NOT STUPID.

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