Parking was limited as the fairgrounds parking lot filled with friends and supporters of Sheriff Tommy Gage tonight. Many commented on how each year it has gotten bigger and bigger and how this year really showed how many people in Montgomery County stand  behind Sheriff Gage.

Along with the donations given auction items went at a premium.

Elected officials from throughout Montgomery County were introduced including Dan Norris who has announced that he will be running in the next election for Precinct 3 Constable. Also Lt. David Moore who has been with the Sheriff’s Department for many years in Auto-Theft announced he will be running for Precinct 2 Constable against the current Constable Gene DeForest.

Sheriff James Walters of San Jacinto County also attended along with County Judge Fritz Faulkner and Justice of the Peace Randy Ellisor.

Chief Bradshaw with the Cleveland Police Department also attended.

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