Wednesday evening was extremely humbling and incredible. As the son and grandson of two men who dedicated their entire lives to helping and saving others, it was just such a privilege to attend the 64th Annual 100 Club Heroes Award Banquet.

To be in a room with some of the finest, sharpest and bravest human beings ever, will make one feel mighty humble and grateful.

My old man, after 60 years of Fire Fighting and Law Enforcement received the very prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from the 100 Club.

Flip side- my Rookie Officer Pamela Minchew, who detained an unruly passenger at 30,000 feet, received the distinguished Rookie of the Year Award from the 100 Club.To see all the friends I’ve seen today. All the years, the history. Good and bad. First, in Humble at the fundraiser for Pct. 4 Deputy Chris Gaines and again here, this evening, at the 100 Club Banquet, has been both extraordinary and amazing.
Spending time and breaking bread with my old partner, Joel J. Caldwell was really, time so well spent. A time, much too far and in between.

And, so the news broke while I was attending this very special ceremony. Making this day, this evening a culmination of extraordinary, profound moments. The kind which last a lifetime.

My time as Chief of Police for Cleveland ISD has been nothing short of a privilege. I have worked with some of the finest Officers, best Educators and above all, learned to live, love, trust and appreciate life again due, in no small part, to all the kids who attend Cleveland ISD. Truth be told, their kindness and trust, rebuilt a very broken heart.

Today, in retrospect and reflection, how I’m so fortunate, so blessed, I’ll never understand.
In all honesty, with all the sincerity in my heart, I cannot, I could not ever repay all that which has been afforded to me.

As an old chapter closes, so to shall another chapter be opened. From Indian Country to Wildcat Territory, I go….

Thank you all so much for your faith, friendship and love. I just can’t begin to say “Thank you” enough.

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