Remembering Linda Oliver…

The Dayton woman killed Monday by a stray dog she had taken in will be remembered by those who knew her for so much more than the way her life ended. She will be remembered for the lives she touched, like the one that shared the following…

By Emily Koehler

I took art lessons from Linda Oliver for a couple of years as a child. Not surprisingly, the first thing she taught me was how to draw a horse. She loved animals. All of them. Her house was home to more than just the traditional dog and cat, but talking birds and domestic rats.

Friday afternoons were anxiously awaited and always an adventure. Interesting relics decorated her home, like the drum set coveted by many of her young students. She would be waiting with snacks and homemade Gatorade for our class. Always reaching out with a smile, she would ask us about our days with genuine interest.

Once she drew a simple picture of a girl on notebook paper. She named a few common insults that a child might use, crumpling the picture with each one. She then apologized to the paper and named a compliment for each time she unfolded it. When she was finished, she pointed out that the paper still had wrinkles and signs of damage even after attempting to smooth it out. The moral of this story was obvious and always stuck with me.

Some deaths are a part of life while others are a tragedy. Mrs. Oliver was a compassionate and talented woman that will be greatly missed by everyone who knew her.

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  1. jkelley9999

    Thank you so much for your kind words about my mother. It’s comforting to know that she has made an impact on others lives. She was a wonderful mother, talented artist, and cared for all living creatures. The world has lost a truly wonderful person.

  2. kimlinda

    Linda use to dog sit my Tasha & Roscoe. They couldn’t wait to run out the front door with her when she pulled into our drive way. She and Leland are both remarkable people. We are very blessed that she has touched her lives. A wonderful woman with such a big heart for everyone and everything.

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