Warren Diepraam with the Montgomery County District Attorneys office  has announced that this weekend the ongoing no-refusal weekend will focus on the area of the Ren Fest. Since the Ren Fest started in 1976 FM1774, FM 149, FM 249 and SH 105 have been the main feeders in and out. Many over the years have claimed trouble with drunk drivers. During the eight week festival over 400,000 attend. There have been many serious accidents in the area also due to intoxicated drivers.

Assisting the District Attorney’s Office will be the Texas Department of Public Safety, Magnolia Police, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and the Conroe Police Department and the Houston Police Department who in addition to the Montgomery County BAT van will be using their own.

The area of focus will be western Montgomery County through the end of the Ren Fest.

During a no refusal weekends any driver suspected of being impaired and who refuses to take the standardized field sobriety tests or refuse to submit to a breathalyzer  is subject to an immediate search warrant for a blood draw. Once the warrant is signed by a judge who will be on duty for this the driver will be taken to the BAT van or the Montgomery County Jail for a blood draw by a nurse.

Several hotels in the Conroe area offer shuttles to the Ren Fest for their guests. If you must drink out there why not camp the night or take a non-drinker, pay his admission and let that person drive you home.

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  1. janet003

    The best part of this article is the last paragraph. You know they’re out there watching so protect yourself and others, don’t give them the satisfaction, be SMARTER than who you’re dealing with.

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