Just before 7 a.m. Monday morning Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to the area of SH 242 at FM 1485 on a welfare check. It was reported a woman was carrying a small child and walking down the road. When the first unity arrived the female was in the parking lot of a Shell Gas station. As the deputy approached the yet unidentified woman dropped the child in the middle of the busy parking lot and fled running across SH 242. As soon as the deputy was sure another deputy was with the child he gave pursuit down the embankment of Caney Creek. As the female reached the waters edge she jumped into the water and swam across. The deputy was able to find a narrow spot and made his way across on the rocks under the SH 242 bridge.

Once on the other side he was able to catch up with the female and detain her. As he escorted her back to the creek the female appeared to start seizing and fell to the ground.

MCHD was dispatched to the scene and after evaluating the woman determined she could not safely be removed from the location on foot. Porter Fire Department was dispatched to the scene and using their ladder truck was able to rig a rescue basket to send down below the bridge. Once the female was stabilized she was brought to the road surface where she was loaded on an ambulance and transported to Conroe Regional Hospital.

SH 242 reopened just after 9:30am

The child was turned over to CPS and appeared uninjured.

The female admitted to having warrants but they have not been confirmed as of yet. Her name is not yet being released by authorities.


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  1. amberstout

    I was at the shell station right there this morning about 8am and I was inside and seen this womans kids in the paramedics arm and the little girl was asking for her mom and the paramedic told her that ” her mom was crazy and jumped off a bridge”. I was shocked by this and tried to seek help by telling a cop what this woman told the little girl and the cop told me that no one even jumped and he didnt help about what the parmedic told the girl. If this womans family has any questions about whether or not the paramedic told the girl that I can verify just email me at [email protected]

  2. amberstout

    I was at the shell station this morning around 8am as they were trying to rescue this woman and I seen a paramedic woman holding this womans child in the store and the little girl kept saying I want my mommy and the paramedic woman told the little girl that “her mom was crazy and jumped off a bridge”! I was in shock you should never tell a kid something like that so I was trying to think of a way I could tell someone who could do something about so i seen a cop there and tried telling him but he told me that no one even jumped and that it was none of my buisness. My heart hurts for that little girl that woman was wrong for that and so was that cop I get stuff has to be confedential but I was trying to let him know that something wrong happened and he could care less. If anyone from this womans family would like to contact me about what i seen and heard please feel free my email is [email protected]

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