I am writing you to inform you of a serious situation which is beginning to escalate in my subdivision and now possibly in other subdivisions as well. The short version is that a few weeks ago, a mom had her 2 children at Welch Park in Jacobs Reserve. She noticed a man in his car (silver mustang) at the park watching as the kids played. As she left the park, she said hello to him (so she could get closer to him to see his face). When she got back to her house, the car had followed her down her street. A week later, the same man (now in a red truck) showed up at the splash pad in JR. Same mom noticed him, walked to his truck, took pics of him and his truck. They had a small verbal with her telling him to leave. The mom claimed that he was exposed when she approached his truck. MSCO was called. Since then, this man has continued to come into Jacobs Reserve, usually around the bus time or evening. MCSO was called when he was spotted again at Welch Park on Tuesday. I’m told MCSO issued a criminal trespass, but this only covers when he’s actually at one of the parks, that the streets are public streets and nothing can be done. Last night he was again in JR driving around the streets and later I was told he was sitting at the park in Alden Bridge behind the HEB off 1488. My point to this message is that many, many here in JR are becoming very unsettled with this guy. I’m told his name is Jerry Mobley, he lives in Carriage Hills and according to other JR residents who’ve done some research, Jerry has a record with exposure in Harris county (although quite a few years back). Something bad is going to happen, I fear. Either our worst fear of a child or mom, or a parent who can’t handle the thought of their wife and child home alone with this (what they’re affectionately calling him) Stalker Jerry. You may want to keep tabs on this situation. I’m watching as more and more parents are becoming more and more afraid and angry like Jerry is taunting them and the safety of their family. Wednesday, I understand (from others) that both MCSO and CISD had patrol cars in the subdivision when the buses ran in the afternoon. Jerry showed up in JR at around 6:20 PM and shortly after that was spotted at the park in Alden Bridge behind HEB closer to 8:00 PM. I know you can’t make a story until something “actually” happens here, but I love the MCPR site and knew you’d listen to what’s going on. This situation is nothing short of a time bomb with a clock ticking. On Tuesday, I saw that a couple dads were coming home from work when Jerry was spotted driving around JR just before bus time


The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office immediately responded and investigated. The investigation resulted in the arrest of  Jerry Erland Mobley, 58, of 2415 Canter in Conroe. He has been charged with indecent exposure and is currently in the Montgomery County Jail.



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  1. OnlyMe

    Good job Scott and the reader who sent it in. You have saved a child from being molested and/or a dad from getting arrested by beating the crap out of this animal.

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