Saturday night approximately 7:30pm Retired Houston Police Officer  Dana Tweedie, 61, and his wife Linda Tweedie, 52, both of Spring were riding their 2012 Harley FLH westbound on Seawall Blvd. in Galveston at approximately 35 miles per hour.

Callie Inman, 18  of Dayton, Texas was pulling out of the Valero parking lot at 69th and   Seawall. She turned left onto Seawall in front of  Tweedie and his wife giving them no time to react and slamming into Inman who was driving a 2013 red Camaro rental vehicle. Galveston said there were many witnesses to the crash.

Dana Tweedie was transported to John Sealy Hospital in critical condition with internal injuries. He died at 8:59p.m.

Linda Tweedie, was also transported to John Sealy with a broken neck, spine, pelvis, and hip along with internal injuries and has been moved to the ICU unit at John Sealy.

Callie Inman has been charged with Intoxication Manslaughter and Intoxication Assault with a total of $150,000 in bonds.

Bill Reed with the Galveston County District Attorney’s Office also responded to the scene to assist in the investigation.

The Tweedie family has been known in the Houston Police Department for many years. Dana Tweedie also has a brother Bill who is also with the Houston Police Department.

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  1. pjay1015

    This girl chose to drink and drive and as a result killed someone, leaving his family without a son, father, and husband. I have no mercy for her. I hope she has sympathy for this family. And, she will answer to God for her choice. In addition, it’s not about loud pipes here, it’s about an 18 year girl choosing to drive drunk, and from reports stoned on drugs as well. I am a rider myself and afraid to get on a motorcycle, and not because of my driver, but for some idiot driving drunk.

  2. OnlyMe

    I know where I’d like to stick that phone…. Yes, the pipes are loud but you KNOW I’m alongside you ! Making something illegal won’t stop the act. Speeding is illegal, how many of you do it. Just try and do the limit on 45…you’ll get run over. Laws are only as good as the enforcement and with out enforcement you might as well not have a law. But that’s only me….

  3. Rowdy Yates

    Some people complain about loud pipes on the bikes. Like the previous poster said, No one watches for motorcycles or they have thier phone stuck in thier ear. This is why the pipes are loud. While I do agree some are too loud, the fact is a cager will hear a bike before they see it. Just my two cents. Prayers for all involved in this tragedy.

  4. LocalDrifter

    Putting on my Columbo rain coat now, “Just one more thing…”

    Pleading Not Guilty at trial for intoxication manslaughter, intoxication assault where Drifter is jury foreman… Big, BIG Mistake.

  5. spk

    One commenter wants other commenters who don’t agree to ‘bun in hell’ and another commenter says others are uneducated when they disagree. Is it a full moon?

  6. LocalDrifter

    Some have a difficult time understanding exactly what defines a mistake is so I will give 3 illustrations since reading a book for the pictures is easier…

    Not carrying over the 1 when adding a column of figures is a MISTAKE. Not adding up the figures at all is a CHOICE.

    Putting on your underwear inside out is a MISTAKE. Not wearing underwear at all is a CHOICE.

    Grabbing a Fallstaff from the fridge instead of a Frosty is a MISTAKE. Throwing back the rest of that sixpack is a CHOICE.

    And the double wedding whopper of them all… Deciding that a third grade education was all you’d ever need was both a MISTAKE and a CHOICE.

  7. SB3056

    The only thing dangerous about motorcycles is the people in their cars not paying attention! There are bad drivers of all vehicles, but if everyone would pay attention, drive ahead, and “look out for the other guy”, the roads would be a lot safer, and put down the cell phones while driving !!

  8. Bealse

    This is sad just about as much as someone praying for someone to burn in hell… are you kidding me she makes a mistake and you want to pray for her to burn in hell.. maybe you should put some more time in reading the bible before spouting your mouth off.

    iIegalizing things does not keep people from getting them….end of story.

    Do you really want more laws of the government controlling us ?

    Does anyone remember what happened during prohibition? We made alcohol illegal… crime went rampid criminals made tons of money…. eventually they made it legal again….

    Same with drug prohibition cartels make more and more money and we spend all of our money trying to fight it.
    Well war on drugs… spying on our citizens… and giving it away to people who don’t work…. but still

    Back to the topic at hand because I got derailed by the uneducated opinions. I am very sorry that this happened because this is a tragedy all the way around. I do hope Linda Tweetie makes it through my prayers are with her and her family, as well as the young dumb girl that ruined her life maybe she can turn her life around.

  9. LocalDrifter

    And where do some of you guys come from? Certainly not from the Land of Personal Responsibility. I pray the young tart burns in Hell and takes some of you sympathizing dolts along with her.

  10. JeRM

    It is sad that this happened and I know NOBODY wants to hear this BUT I’m going to say it.

    If alcohol were ILLEGAL like it SHOULD BE, because it is a DRUG! Then this wouldn’t have happened.

    If this poor innocent couple weren’t riding a MOTORCYCLE, they also would most likely be alive, and this 18yr old girl would be the one HURT or DECEASED due to be t-boned for pulling out in front of them (depending on how the accident actually happened.)

    I just recently had my friend die on a motorcycle running from the police, and that was his fault. He knew it was dangerous doing it multiple times, and finally it ended badly.

    I have been sober multiple times and not seen a motorcyclist around me and I have also misjudged how fast they were going before pulling out.

    They are dangerous and everyone knows this!

    The military (at least the Marines) require you to take a specific course or you are NOT ALLOWED to ride them.

    So sorry for this poor couple and for the poor girl. We all like to be young and have fun the safest we possibly can. I know she regretted it immediately and will have a very long time to dwell on this.

  11. spk

    Very sad that teenagers ruin theirs and others’ lives by getting behind the wheel drunk and killing innocent people. It’s an epidemic. So many people think it’s their right to get high or drunk, no matter the results. Why is alcohol legal and available when it causes so much damage–not just drunk driving? People will vehemently protest laws against alcohol, yet they see what it does to people. Some people live happy, productive lives and don’t ever drink alcohol.

  12. jdstowe

    I know Dana and Linda well and it is very difficult to believe the realism of this tragedy. I pray for Linda to recover, and for their family. I too pray for the young girl whose life will also tragically changed simply because she fell into a state of drunken ignorance. I blame the friends that were with her as well as her for the drinking and driving. Mostly I blame those who provided the alcohol to her, as they are the ones who loaded the gun (per se) and put it into her hands. They should find that person(s) and charge them with Conspiracy in this criminal episode. I also pray for that young girl’s family, whose life has also been turned upside down. God Bless Them All.

  13. dg

    She deserves the punishment, and life consequences. Almost positive this isn’t the first dwi she’s been involved in. My prayers go out to the other family.

  14. robo

    Very sad for everyone involved. Such a young girl that will never be able to get a real job with a felony like that. She best have rich parents or self-employed. Hope Linda makes a full recovery. God Bless both family’s.

  15. CrazyHorse69

    What a shame, you work your entire life protecting and serving others to be murdered by a drunk that will walk away with little punishment from our laws.

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