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With a lot of sadness, a bit of anger and a lot of frustration, I feel compelled to speak about what has happened this morning, to one our Police Officers, Sean Allison.

Sean, as you may remember, was the cop from the now-viral video of him skating downhill, laughing all the way and yet, not spilling a drop of his coffee. And, who could forget his sidekick’s contagious laughter, throughout the entire video?

Sean is an outstanding young man. An above-board, decent human being who loves his job. He loves our kids and, he would give his life in a moment, if needed, for any child or teacher in this District.

Having only been a Police Officer for seven months, to have worked so hard to reach so many in a positive, uplifting and energized manner, only to wake up today, Sunday morning, to what you see on the photo, has been extremely disheartening for him. For all of us, in fact.

Obviously, the person or persons responsible for this heinous, cowardly act know nothing about history. For if they did, the use of such an evil symbol as the Nazi Party Insignia, to compare towards Sean and our Department, would never have crossed their mind.

In much the same way I caution all kinds of cops, school cops, college cops or whatever you can think of when you are in that uniform and driving a cop car, you are absolute, a target. The only word people see on you and the car is “Police”. And, for that reason alone, they’ll kill you just as fast as they would any other kind of cop around.

Our Police Department, each and every man and woman who work here, they must absolutely put everyone else, before them. Especially our children and teachers. I demand this kind of character of each person I hire. Anyone who knows us, knows this to be a truthful and daily, self-evident fact.

Both personally and professionally, I am very hurt this awful act that has committed towards Sean, at his home, simply because he chose to fulfill his childhood dream.

To become a cop. But more importantly, to become the kind of cop who strives daily, to do nothing more than to protect kids. That it. That’s all he lives for.

It is with this in mind and, coupled with the fact I am his Chief, I feel absolutely compelled to not only let you and everyone who can share this post to know, what has happened to Sean.

With that, I am personally offering a significant reward for the right information, from the right person out there, which leads to the identification, location, arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for what has been done to Sean.

Please understand, it’s not revenge we, I am asking for here. It’s a reckoning. To make right, that which is so wrong.

Sean, is good people. He absolutely does not and did not deserve this. Help us make whoever is responsible, answer for their actions.

I’m closing, I am so proud of how Sean has handled this incident. He simply said, “Oh well. It happens. I’ll be there Monday morning, Chief. I’m not about to not be there, for the kids…”.