A local RN and former Montgomery County Hospital District Paramedic was arrested on multiple felony charges last week in Mart, Texas in McLennan County.

The Waco Tribune Herald article titled, “Man accused of meth delivery, impersonating paramedic” by Kristin Hoppa, details the arrest of 33-year-old Travis Spivey of Spring by members of the Mart Police Department July 13.  According to Hoppa’s account of the arrest, a patrol officer noticed a BMW driven by Spivey in a convenience store parking lot “moving to different spots in the area and noticed the driver was fidgeting”. The officer watched until Spivey pulled out of the store parking lot and then initiated a traffic stop “after seeing the suspicious activity”.

Hoppa quotes the arrest affidavit as stating Spivey was “sweating profusely and making furtive movements.”

The article goes on to say the officer noticed a paramedic uniform in the vehicle. The evidence photo shows a Montgomery County Hospital District medic uniform.  Hoppa writes that Spivey told the officer he was a paramedic and an emergency room nurse. He allegedly denied the officer consent to search, resulting in another agency bringing a K-9 Unit to conduct an open-air sniff on the vehicle, and the dog alerted, allowing a legal search of the vehicle . The article says the vehicle’s trunk contained “a case with multiple small bottles of an unknown substance, a digital scale and a sealed white baggie”. It further states the substance in the baggie tested positive as methamphetamine and “officers believed the bottles contained about 24 milliliters of liquid meth”. Additionally, the officers said there was broken glass in the vehicle believed to be the remains of a meth pipe Spivey may have destroyed before the officer reached his vehicle, as well as $2,000 cash.

Spivey was charged with first-degree felony delivery of a controlled substance; third-degree felony tampering with physical evidence and impersonating a public servant, which is a third-degree felony.

The reporter wrote that it was later discovered Spivey had “worked at” the Montgomery County (Hospital) District, but was no longer employed there. MCPR has confirmed Spivey was a paramedic with MCHD, although it is unclear when or why his employment with MCHD ended. However, a reimbursement check to Spivey from MCHD for education expenses indicates he was employed by the district for at least part of 2016.  Furthermore, the Texas Board of Nursing shows Spivey is, in fact, an active registered nurse in Texas, with no disciplinary action listed. MCPR also found no prior criminal history.

Spivey was booked into the McLennan County Jail and has since been released on bond.



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