About 630pm a driver was southbound on US 59 at Highway 105 in Cleveland when he was cut off by a maroon pickup. The driver that was cutoff driving a silver pickup took matters into his own hands as he took a 9mm pistol and fired 3 rounds into the maroon truck. The driver called 911 to report the incident. Splendora Police were set up at East River and US 59 and attempted to stop the shooters vehicle. They were finally able to get him to stop at US 59 between FM 1314 and Northpark. THe driver of the maroon truck was not injured but had 3 bullet holes in the rear fender. The shooter, from Woodville Texas was arrested and transported to the Cleveland Police Department for booking since the incident happened in their jurisdiction. As the Splendora Officers were stopping the shooter an intoxicated driver slammed into the back of the patrol car. DPS arrested that driver for DWI.

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  1. WtfNtx76

    I get cut off by idiots all the time. I hit my breaks, swerve if I have to, swear out a bunch of ugly words, then im over it. Some people just don’t have any sense … at all. He deserves to be caged up like an animal with a temper like that. Over.

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