Approximately 10:45 Sunday evening a family had come to Conroe from Ohio for a funeral. As they went to their hotel they became lost and stopped at a convenience store on SH 242 just west of I-45. While there they inquired with a male who was leaving another business in the parking lot for directions. The male was accompanied by a female which appeared to be carrying a baby. The male offered the travelers to follow him to the hotel in the area of St. Lukes in lieu of giving directions. The couple followed the male. After arriving at their hotel, the travelers were about to give him some money for his trouble. That is when the male snatched the purse from the traveler and fled. If anyone can identify either person in the photos, please contact the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

It is believed that it was a setup and there was no child in the woman’s arms.





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  1. Chief1

    Just so everyone knows; my 100 lb 5’1″ 65 y/o mother fought this man, ripped his shirt, held her own until the coward threw it in reverse and gunned it as my mom was still hanging on to her purse while punching this guy. She has the fight in her still when someone does her wrong. I praise her for her efforts in protecting her personal property.

  2. Chief1

    Ok sky man No one followed anyone to a hotel room. My mom and aunt were lost and asked for directions. They paid this lady and a guy to take them (following in own car behind) to the hotel. They were traveling all day and got there late. They went to get food for all four siblings that traveled and got lost. Mind you all are 62-73 years old and all have mobility and medical issues. Oh don’t forget a strange place and the reason they were there. Mistakes were made, but to say they got what they got? Who are you to weigh in when you don’t have all factors? How about apologizing for your rude and ignorant comments. I sure hope this doesn’t happen to your family members when they aren’t thinking properly.

  3. kayyfinn

    Excuse me, they got what they deserved?. No they didn’t. She was 83 years old an they pushed her down so hard to where she’s in the hospital an can’t walk. That was my grandma you wouldn’t be saying that if it was your family

  4. gnamaree

    Dirty stinking dogs! In the old days of Texas, justice would be served with a rope and a tree. Today it’ll be a slap on the wrist: a judge’s lecture, restitution and probation at best.

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