Robbery in The Woodlands

At about 150 am Doug Donnenfield was sitting in his vehicle at the 24 Hour Fitness Center at Six Pines and Lake Woodlands in The Woodlands. He was waiting for a news talk show to end so he could go in and work out. A red car pulled in next to him and within moments two gun muzzles were in his face as a Black male punched him in the neck. The two suspects reached across him and took his cell phone and billfold. They then began screaming at him, saying, “where’s the money”. Both then jumped in the red car and fled the scene.

Donnenfield looked hard at the license number then yelled for help from two men leaving the club. He borrowed a cell phone and dialed 911.

Montgomery County Dispatchers immediately broadcast the license number on what was thought to be a red Dodge. A unit on Interstate 45 who had been watching traffic spotted the vehicle and followed it. When the vehicle crossed FM 2920 it started to speed up and a pursuit was initiated. Montgomery County Deputies chased the vehicle at speeds of up to 115mph  south on I-45 to Loop 610. They then traveled east on 610 to Interstate 10 where the suspects turned westbound and continued to US 59. They then went south on 59 to the Gulf Freeway and started south to Scott Street. It was there that the Houston Police Helicopter who had just joined the chase spotted them throw a gun out on the freeway.

The vehicle exited Scott and ran to McGowan where it crashed out and the suspects fled on foot. Both were taken into  custody within fifteen minutes. A third suspect was also arrested after it was determined he was the driver of the car and the two other suspects. A Houston Police Sergeant then returned to the Gulf Freeway where he found the gun with a round still in the chamber.

Donnenfield had already had a near death experience over twelve years ago when he suffered a massive heart attack as he jumped into a pool. He was recovered from the pool and transported to the hospital after Paramedics revived him from total cardiac arrest.  After the incident this morning his wife has banned him from using the gym at night.

The vehicle, a Chevrolet Veio, which was driven by the suspects was also reported stolen in a robbery in Houston.





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  1. spk

    Of course, they are and will be involved in other robberies. This is how these people live. They will go to jail or prison for a little while and get out and continue their chosen method of living–not any different than almost every robber, burglar, thief, etc. We go to work, they go to rob/steal/etc. These people should be given longer sentences. Some are even violent and some risk people’s lives by doing long police chases when told to pull over.

  2. lgoodrich

    I know this will probobably be deleted before it gets posted.
    What is wrong with you people? 40% of blacks are on some sort of government assistance and they have the highest unemployment rate across the country. Are all the government handouts not enough? Get a job quite being a lazy thug and go to work!!!

    I am not being racist, I know there are lazy thugs of every color but the facts just don’t lie. Seems like every time there is a Robery or a rape it is a black individual!

  3. camzben

    It seems to be about 95% of the robberies in The Woodlands have one thing in common. I don’t even have to say it because it is so obvious.

  4. Craven

    These three should be publicly tortured until dead, along with those clowns who climbed into the McDonalds’s window. It would send the right message to all of that ilk, that same group that time and time again victimize others. And that message is “We have had enough.”

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