Roman Forest Police participate in No-shave November! 

RFPD has partnered with the Mathew Hill Foundation for No-Shave November, bringing cancer awareness and to raise funds to battle cancer.  Pictured are Captain Dimitri Jasonis and Chief Stephen Carlisle sporting their beards and old-school shades in hopes to raise funds for cancer research and for cancer awareness.  Visit to help RFPD raise funds to battle cancer.

“If you can wear pink in October, then you should be able to handle growing a beard to initiate a conversation about men’s health and cancer,” said Chief Stephen Carlisle. “I was inspired to participate in No-Shave November due to many of my friends being diagnosed with cancer and the recent loss of a friend to cancer.”

What is No-Shave November?  For 30 days, men, are encouraged to grow out their beards to help raise awareness for cancer.  The goal of the No-Shave November campaign is to grow awareness by embracing our hair, something that many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free. The tradition had been there for years, but the children of Matthew Hill, who passed away from colon cancer back in November 2007, took it a step further by using the cause to raise money for charity.

No Shave November asks men to participate by growing a beard, cultivating a mustache, and skipping that waxing appointment and donate the money saved to help battle cancer.  Grooming and trimming are perfectly acceptable for people with a strict dress code at work.

No Shave November also focuses its efforts on benefiting cancer research for all cancers.  This web-based, non-profit organization, which has partnered with the American Cancer Society, Prevent Cancer Foundation, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, donates no less than 80 percent of the donations it receives to participating charities.  Participants are asked to donate the money they would otherwise spend on grooming, like razors and trips to the barber shop.

No matter what the cause and no matter what grows on your face, everyone should do their part in standing up for Cancer Awareness this November.  Men around the world die, on average, six years earlier than women.  The number of prostate cancer diagnoses worldwide is expected to double to 1.7 million by 2030.

Each day, 22,000 people die from cancer worldwide. There’s a good chance that someone you know and love will be affected by this disease. Nearly half of cancer diagnoses and deaths are preventable. No-Shave November’s mission is to not only raise funds for cancer research and treatment but to educate the population about preventative measures.

The No-Shave November campaign has successfully raised over $3.5 million dollars to combat this disease.  Each whisker grown allows us to embrace our hair, which many cancer patients lose during treatment.  Will you join us?  Start by making a donation at

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