Very early Saturday morning, a Chevrolet truck was traveling down San Jacinto Street in Cleveland when he took a wrong turn. That turn took him southbound down the railroad tracks. All was well until he got stuck in the rocks alongside the tracks. As he and his buddies were trying to free the truck, a southbound train was bearing down on them. The driver’s buddies then decided to clear the area. The driver was well away from the truck when the train impacted the rear of it, transforming it into an accordion.

The train crew saw the truck ahead of them, but it takes trains a long time to stop. As they were braking, they hit the floor fearing an explosion from the pickup’s gas tank. The train could not avoid collision and was able to stop about a half mile down the track, where it ejected the rear axle from the truck. Amazingly, no one was injured.

As Cleveland Police investigated the crash, DPS Trooper Cash had the J&J Wrecker Service load the truck, and he gave the intoxicated driver a ride to the Liberty County Jail.

Pieces of the truck were scattered over a half of a mile.


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  1. Jerry0

    And, the train probably has damage not only to the front but to all the wheels locked up sliding along the rails. Imagine the heat built up due to friction from the massive load. Wheels are flatten a little. Clackity clackity

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  3. LocalDrifter

    While I love stories about choo choos as much as the next guy, the unfortunate ending here is that this collection of drunks weren’t all killed beyond recognition and will eventually take to the road once again putting us sober souls in peril.

  4. LazyCop

    Dumb and dumber…for sure. This is almost funny, but not..because our brave and busy lawmen and women have to deal with this mess instead of keeping the thugs and Houston interlopers out of our neighborhoods and off our farms and ranches. I say throw the book at these dumb bunnies, as far as taking away his truck…well…..the locomotive did a good job of that. Let’s just hope the judge can keep him off the road.
    I also glad he did not ram some family and kill them all as is often the case when these idiots are drunk as skunks.

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