Z.P Mart, also known as Sam’s Store, located at SH 105 and South Walker Road, reopened this Monday. Just a week earlier a 19-year-old and a 13-year-old male entered the store just after 10 p.m., fatally shooting store owner Sam Sadruddin.

Montgomery County Detectives spent the entire week with next to no sleep running every lead possible. On Friday they made the arrests on the pair.

Sam’s Store has been a part of the community for over ten years. Even though Sam was from India, everyone swore he talked like a cowboy.

One longtime customer said, “when you have a community which everyone calls full of “Rednecks”, you know Sam was special since we was accepted by all in the community.” Many local adults have memories of visiting the store in their childhood, claiming that when their parents would not let them buy candy, Sam would give it to them free of cost. He helped many out of tight spots: gas to make it to work, groceries until they got paid, and the list went on.

Sam’s family hopes to carry on Sam’s legacy and keep the business within the family.

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