August 8, 2022 2:51 pm

Posted: 19.5.2013 12:56

san jacinto county murder suspect in custody

389130_10201250495850490_1048530936_nJames Wayne Ham, 36, was found not long after midnight in a vacant home off Snowhill Road by the Texas Rangers and Postal Inspectors. The hunt started as a postal worker was found murdered in her Jeep Cherokee which was then set on fire.

Deputies acting on a 911 call found the Marie Youngblood’s vehicle on Morris Creek Road just off Harrell Road near Point Blank in San Jacinto County. Once Point Blank firefighters were able to extinguish the blaze they discovered her body shortly after noon on Friday.

Ham who was indicted earlier this year and arrested on January 26, for a sexual assault charge and family violence charge and posted bond.

He then failed to make a court appearance and then faked his own disappearance leaving blood behind in his home and on his porch.

It is unknown if the $50,000 reward offered by the US Postal Service yesterday had anything to do with locating Ham.