A November 7, 2009 shooting in San Jacinto County may have been prevented as 911 tapes are released.
Dispatch recordings and records dispute what the San Jacinto Captain Jones originally said.
Through open records the audio and dispatch logs were released. In it it was determined that deputies did not make the scene until seven hours after the original call from 71 year old Gloria Bills whose adopted son had known mental problems and she wasn’t able to control him.
At the time Captain Jones stated, “we were busier than a cat covered in meow mix”.


However the records dispute that. During the seven hours prior to deputies arriving on the scene off FM1725. There was an accident on us 59 in front of the truck stop but that was four hours after the phone call from Bills. Other than that there was very light activity.
On the recordings Jones advises the dispatcher not to make a welfare check on Bills.
When Gloria Bills called again at 1:51 pm the dispatcher advised she would send a unit. Then when the dispatcher advised Captain Jones he answered with, “Oh no, we don’t want to do that.. all you going to do is wind up creating an issue..and that may hurt us in the long run.
When deputies finally arrived they found 43 year-old Oliver Bills had shot and killed his adopted mother Gloria, Bills girlfriend Shara Torres age-27 and her 4-year-old daughter. He then apparently turned the gun on himself.

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