Saturday night Cleveland Police were called to the East Fork of the San Jacinto River for a vehicle being swept down the river with two victims. Cleveland Fire Department responded along with East Montgomery County Fire Department. They arrived to find two people who had been fishing trapped as the river quickly rose from the prior nights rains. One Cleveland officer entered the water on his arrival but was unable to get to the victims. Fire crews attempted to deploy a boat but due to the muddy approach could not get it to the waters edge. The crews then took to lifelines and were able to get vests to the two and get them to shore. It was thought it would be weeks to recover their Jeep but that changed Monday as a member of a group known as “Dayton Swamp Rescue Family” responded to the site. Using an airboat they were able to tow the Jeep, which had been under water Saturday night, from the river and across the muddy area to where it could be loaded onto a trailer.

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