The Huntsville Police Department is currently investigating reports of a telephone scam where the caller claims to be a Sheriff’s Lieutenant, and tells the victim that they have a warrant for their arrest.  The caller then advises the victim in order not to be arrested they must get a “Green Dot Money Card” from WalMart and pay the fine.

Beware that this is a scam.   Huntsville Police Chief Kevin Lunsford urges citizens not sent money, checks, or any other type of payment to an unknown party.  If you receive one of these calls or are unsure, please contact the police department.

The Huntsville Police Department is working in conjunction with the Walker County Sheriff’s Office to make all citizens aware of this scam.

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  1. gillence

    If you catch them; they should be put in jail for at least a year. I’m sick of seeing people 5 a king advantage of other people and the law just slaps their hand.

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