We are at the beginning of our 2014-2015 Science Fair season and have the first few fairs coming up very soon.  As always, we are looking for volunteers to help as judges.  This year we have 15 elementary fairs, and 2 district fairs.  To provide the most productive and effective fair, and to best meet the needs of our students, we should have 30 judges at each fair.  We hope you will be able to help us again this year.
Our schedule is:
School                                                   Date
Hidden Hollow Elementary                22-Jan (weekday)       immediate need!
District Secondary Fair                      24-Jan (Saturday)      immediate need!
Lakeshore Elementary                      5-Feb   (weekday)       immediate need!
Lakeland Elementary                        18-Feb          (weekday)
Willow Creek Elementary                 19-Feb          (weekday)
Maplebrook Elementary                    25-Feb          (weekday)
Atascocita Springs Elementary         26-Feb          (weekday)
Eagle Springs Elementary                 3-Mar   (weekday)
Bear Branch Elementary                   4-Mar   (weekday)
Fall Creek Elementary                       5-Mar   (weekday)
Timbers Elementary                          17-Mar          (weekday)
Summerwood Elementary                 18-Mar          (weekday)
Greentree Elementary                       19-Mar          (weekday)
Pine Forest Elementary                     24-Mar          (weekday)
River Creek Elementary                    25-Mar          (weekday)
Shadow Forest Elementary               26-Mar          (weekday)
District Elementary Fair                     11-Apr  (Saturday)
To find these schools, please refer to the school district map:

Some important information:
        – All fairs start at 8 am.
        – District Fairs are held at Kingwood Park High School.  Setup is the night before between 4 and 6 pm.
        – Rule judges are also needed for the District Fair setups to help as Rule Judges.  These can be parents.
        – All fairs at elementary schools can go as late as 2 pm.
        – The district fairs can go as late as 5 pm.
        – Breakfast goodies are provided.
        – Lunch will be provided if we go past noon.
        – Parents of students in secondary school can’t be judges at the District Secondary Fair.
        – Parents of students in elementary school can’t be judges at the District Elementary Fair.
        – Parents can’t be judges at their child’s elementary school.  We ask that these parents volunteer at other elementary schools.
        – Please check in with the receptionist at each campus when you arrive to judge.
Please reply to me [email protected] to let me know when you can help.  I am not able to send reminders, so please mark your calendar.
Thank you so much for helping support our students and their pursuit of science.  These fairs are very important to the students, and the volunteers are what make it work!
Aaron Clevenson, Bob Deister, and Rebecca Pubentz

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