Just after 10:30 am Saturday morning 911 took a call for a drowning victim on Lake Conroe. MCHD was dispatched to the scene as well as Lake Conroe Fire Department and North Montgomery County Fire Department. Precinct 1 Constables Office Lake Patrol units also responded. At this time all that is known is the victim is a 43 year old male.

Attempts are being made to pin point the exact spot the victim went in before divers can be placed in the water.

This drowning as well as many others the boats were not secure, moved, or witnesses could not show a specific point of entry into the water. As with this morning winds and a drifting boat has turned the search area into several hundred yards instead of feet.

We will update you as anything is available.

Please be safe on the water this weekend.


Gerald Norman Ellison of Houston who turned 33 yesterday has drown in Lake Conroe. At this time Precinct 1 Lake Patrol is searching with sonar in an area described as the middle of the lake.

Ellison rented a boat this morning along with five companions for a day on the lake. At 10:05am is when the boat was rented and at 10:22 am is when the frantic call for help came.

According to officials the six jumped into the water to cool off. The boat was unanchored and the wind began to push it. At that point Mr. Ellison began to complain of cramping. Friends swam to the boat and retrieved a life vest. As they were swimming to him he went under. Ellison is described as a black male approximately 5’-11” weighing about 240 pounds. He is said to be quite muscled and in good physical condition. Just prior to the incident they had eaten a heavy meal.

When friends called in they advised the only main landmark was a large flag. Months ago that would have made it easy to locate but now beside the large flag at Walden there is also one near the dam.

As of this point until sonar picks up something divers will not be entering the water unless they acquire a good target.. With the drifting and the wind the exact point that he went in is unknown.

In the search area the water is close to forty feet deep. With this and his build and the water temperature officials say it could be days before he would surface so sonar and divers will remain on the scene.

Alcohol was found on the boat but since they had just left the rental company none had been consumed yet.

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