A second arrest was made today, in reference to the robbery that occurred at the gas station/convenience store in the 12400 block of FM 3083. An arrest warrant was served on a second juvenile male that was involved in the robbery. Several firearms, including a firearm believed to be utilized in the robbery, were recovered at the juvenile’s residence. The juvenile was arrested, charged with aggravated robbery, and was transported to the juvenile detention facility in Conroe.

A warrant has been issued for a third juvenile male that was involved in the robbery. Law enforcement officers are currently looking for that subject.

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  1. LOL29

    Ok I can agree our youth is getting worse Ana worse, however, I do not believe you can blame rap music. As a matter of fact it’s ridiculous to blame any music. People use to blame gothic. In Germany gothic is huge Ana they do not all kill each other. In Japan and China they are all techno and bizarre, again they are not killing each other. It’s not music and your a bit ignorant for even saying that. These kids make a choice. These kids know right from wrong. It’s their fault. Not society or music or their childhood. It’s them and the choices they make in their own.

  2. chickenlips

    These guys will continue to steal and rob and beat and shoot people simply because the system will do NOTHING to them except give them a little probation over and over and over and over and over again instead of giving them 30 years each at hard labor so that they learn that crime don`t pay.
    I don`t know why police even bother to arrest crooks anymore when the system is just going to turn right around and let them go free. Sad but true folks!

  3. Houston Drivers SMH

    Now, more than ever;many of America’s youth is turning to sh__. They idolize rap music and it’s pimps, hoods, and fast money. By the time they reach their 30’s and 40’s they will be left with nothing to fill their pie holes.

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