Dr. Fadi George Ghanem who is a family practitioner  that graduated from the American University of Beirut in 1986 seemed to be doing more than practicing medicine on Thursday.

The Montgomery County Special Investigations Unit assisted by the Houston Office of the DEA served a search warrant on his home located on West Bracebridge in the Indian Springs area of the Woodlands. The SIU received information that Hydroponic Marijuana was being grown inside the residence.

Once inside they discovered a secret room off the Master bedroom that was accessed by a hidden door. Inside the room marijuana growing paraphernalia was discovered as was in the garage. 

SIU seized marijuana and assorted prescription pills that included morphine and xanax.

Doctor Ghanem who is 48-years-old is now in the Montgomery County jail charged with Possession of a controlled substance, Morphine.


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  1. bigbob

    Ok, you must obviously be suffering from some type of mental illness due to your lack of a doctor. I happen to know the family, and they are all a bunch of terrorists. I wouldn’t be suprised if they were working for Al-Qaeda. Now please take your sorry ass to a new doctor so you can fix your retarded self.

    Thanks, BIGBOB

  2. d0wn2wire

    bigbob, actually that would depend on a few factors. If there were all kinds of riffraff going in and out of the house, that would concern me a little bit. By the way, he does not have any type of record, & it just so happened to possibly be an ex-employee giving the info. He posted a $1600 bond, which doesn’t seem like a big charge. Either way, he is an excellent doctor, & hope he continues practicing.


  3. Michael Isaacks

    My whole family used to be Dr. G’s patients many years ago but it got to where he had so many patients he no longer had time for us. bigbob, I agree with everything except calling AdrianaP a “big baby.” I thought that was a little harsh but I’m sure you’ll disagree.

    Adriana, if Dr. G doesn’t make it back to MFC, switch to Dr. Al-Khadour. We did and we have been very happy to have him as our doctor.

  4. bigbob

    d0wn2wire, I totally disagree with you. How would you feel if you knew that your neighbor was growing pot in his garage? Probably not too good. So stop being a little baby about it, and accept the fact that if you break the law, you get in trouble. Oh, and you’ll probably need to be finding a new doctor.


  5. d0wn2wire

    I cannot believe someone snitched on him; they didn’t even find pot, just the “growing” paraphernalia. Dr. Ghanem has been my doctor for a few years. Until I saw him, the chronic pain I endured due to an accident & the resulting paralysis was unbearable. His knowledge & determination have made my pain manageable. I pray that he will be able to continue practicing. When I weigh the good over the bad, the good he has done for me far outweighs the petty charge of possession of morphine.


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