An elderly East County resident was the victim of a home invasion Tuesday morning. Around 11:30, Carol Owey, 80, was having lunch in the backyard of her residence on Country Colony in Splendora when her two dogs began barking. At first, Owey said she thought nothing of it, but then the dogs went toward the house and she remembered leaving a front window up to air out the place.

Owey went inside and found two black males carrying her big screen television outside. She yelled and asked the men what they were doing, and they sat the t.v. down and fled out the door to a waiting small SUV that was a medium blue over silver. As they were leaving, she went out behind them to get a better look and was soon passed by a third black male running from her house and shouting at his accomplices not to leave him behind.

The SUV’s back tailgate was swinging open and the third man ran and jumped in as they fled.

Owey said the men were well dressed, and wearing all black.

The only thing they managed to get was a 17-inch HP laptop computer, and they left fingerprints behind.

The spry senior said it had not occurred to her the men might be armed before she confronted them.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is investigating.