several students ill after taking unknown pills

Cleveland ISD says seven middle school students fell ill Thursday afternoon after ingesting an unknown pill.

School officials say around 3pm, seven students at Cleveland Middle School began feeling ill. The students had taken some type of pill given to them by someone at the school.

One of the students was transported to Cleveland Hospital, a second to Kingwood Hospital at the request of that’s students parents.

The conditions are not known at this time.

One student is in custody.

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  1. QueenB

    Watched this on the news this morning, a man was being interviewed and he said Cleveland is a good town, there is just nothing for the kids to do. BS…. First: How about you go to school to get an education, not take pills. Second: I grew up in that area, there was nothing do to there 30 years ago either, but I did not choose to do drugs. You can find SOMETHING to do, volunteer, work, clean your yard, clean the house, middle school kids can do all of that. NO EXCUSE

  2. Swatz

    While I’m all for kicking ass and taking names. I also believe in educating. You have to teach them not to do stuff like this, or the problem won’t go away.

    What I mean is, I’ll be showing my daughter this article and saying something along the lines of… See these dumbasses taking stuff they have no idea what it’s for? I hope you’re smarter than this.

    Then I’ll have the talk we’ve had many many times. If they’re off the street, you have no idea what’s in them.. blah blah. If they’re from a doctor, (and prescribed for someone else) you have no idea what it will do to you. It’s made for a person of a certain weight and so on. Meaning a mild sedative for me (very large man) could knock her out or kill her, since she’s about 1/3rd my weight and size.
    So I think it’s a 2 step process. Educate the kids to know better, then go kick someones ass.

    People need to realize we have to teach our children to make decision for themselves, as well as protecting them. You can’t be there every minute, you have to give them the skills they need to survive life.

  3. irocjohn

    They need to find out who the adult is in this thing supplying them pills and lock them up for life…period and who ever the kid is passing these out needs to sit in tyc til hes 18…these pill mills need to be shut down and the owners locked up forever..

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