HOARDThis morning, Judge Kathleen Hamilton, Judge in the 359th District Court, sentenced Craig Stephen Hoard to Life in prison for Sexual Performance by a Child, Indecency with a Child and five counts of Possession of Child Pornography. On May 16, 2012, the jury, after deliberating for less than an hour, found Hoard guilty of all seven counts.

On June 28, 2010, Detective Jason Waller from the Conroe Police Department arrested Craig Hoard at his home in Willis, Texas. Hoard’s home was searched and Hoard’s computer, thumb drive and I-Pod were seized and examined. An analysis from the Greater Houston Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory revealed images of child pornography as well as a video of a 5 year old child taken at Incredible Pizza in Conroe, Texas. The video revealed Hoard in a restroom stall with the child, instructing the child to expose his genitals. Through the investigation the identity of the child was discovered and it was determined he had never met Hoard before that day.

During the sentencing phase of the trial, Assistant District Attorney, Darla Faulkner presented evidence to the Court that, prior to this crime, Hoard had been convicted of Indecency with a Child in 1997 and sentenced to 8 years TDCJ. On February 16, 2001 Hoard was released from TDCJ, placed on parole and seven days later on February 23, 2001 committed the offense of Sexual Performance by a Child. Hoard was convicted of Sexual Performance by a Child and sentenced to 9 years TDCJ. Hoard served every day of the 9 year sentence only to commit these current offenses 3 months from release.

Faulkner stated in closing arguments that Judge Hamilton could not change the past, but she could change the future and bring justice to every child Craig Hoard has victimized. Judge Hamilton agreed and sentenced Hoard to 7 life sentences ordering 3 life sentences to be served consecutively. Hoard will be eligible for parole when he is 100 years old.

“Mr. Hoard has proven that he cannot control his predatory nature,” stated District Attorney Brett Ligon. “I commend Ms. Faulkner, Judge Hamilton and the jury for recognizing how dangerous this man is and making sure that he will never again leave prison to victimize our children.”

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  2. nikki6

    What a disgusting piece of poop. I agree, let him fry in prison, or worse, put him in general population and let the other prisoners handle him. They dont take too kindly to those types in there.

  3. jason

    the prisons arent air conditioned. but i do agree, people who commit crimes like this against children, should suffer. taking the innocence of a small child is sick and twisted.

  4. Alan

    I secondly commend Faulkner, Judge Hamilton and the jury. I hope this guy gets his sexual appetite quenched by the prisoners in Huntsville or wherever else they house him. Creep.

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