At approximately 6:25am this morning, Liberty County Deputy Joshua Leal responded to a call on CR 3312 in North Liberty County regarding the reported sexual assault of a five (5) year old female by a fifteen (15) year old male. Lead Investigator Sgt. Paul Lasco reported that two families with several relatives all live in the same home and it was reported that both the victim and the offender are cousins.

Sgt. Lasco said the 15 year old male was taken into custody and filed on for Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child while the 5 year old little girl was sent to Texas Children’s Hospital for examination.

The teen age boy was taken before County Judge Craig McNair at approximately 4:pm this evening for a Detention Hearing at which time Judge McNair ordered the detention of the 15 year old boy for a period of days in order to protect his well- being and rights as well as the safety and well- being of others. It will also afford the Sheriff’s Department sufficient time to complete the investigation.

During the on-going investigation by Sgt. Investigators Billy Knox and Sgt. Paul Lasco of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department, a second juvenile victim was located that had been sexually assaulted by the same fifteen (15) year old male that had been charged earlier this month with Aggravated Sexual Assault of a five (5) year old female child. This new Sexual Assault charge of a six (6) year old female child was issued out of Pct. 1 Justice of the Peace Judge Stephen Hebert’s office earlier today. The teen-age defendant was returned to Liberty County from the Hardin County Juvenile Detention Center where he has been detained since being remanded there, earlier, by County Judge Craig McNair. The defendant once again went before Judge McNair for his new detention hearing.

According to Lead Investigator Sgt. Billy Knox, this second case was reported to the Sheriff’s Department by the mother of the six (6) year old little girl after hearing about the first sexual assault of the five (5) year old child. The child’s mother reported to Investigators that she had dropped her daughter off at the same residence on CR 3312 earlier this month to visit and play with the first victim and that after close questioning of her daughter after the first arrest, her daughter told her mother about the assault on her. The two children are friends and the exact time frame of the two reported sexual assaults are unknown as to the whether they were close in time.

After appearing before County Judge Craig McNair earlier this morning, the Judge ordered the teen-age defendant released to the custody of his mother with several stipulations. The defendant must report weekly to his Juvenile Probation Officer, he must wear an ankle monitor and he must move out of the Liberty County area and enroll in school. Such requirements will be in place until the teen-ager goes to court on the Sexual Assault charge(s).

Although investigators feel these two (2) young victims may be all that have been sexually assaulted by this one defendant, the investigation will continue to determine if this is correct or not.

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