August 13, 2022 8:17 am

Posted: 30.11.2020 3:06


Just after 8 Pm, Liberty County dispatched a four-car major accident on SH 105 at the Trinity River Bridge. Multiple reports came in saying two black cars, a white Chevrolet, and a pickup was involved. DPS responded along with Hardin, Tarkington, Cypress Lakes, and Plum Grove Fire Departments. They arrived at SH 105 completely closed. A male in a black Mustang with heavy front end damage was non-responsive. CPR was started immediately but he was pronounced deceased. A white Chevrolet Equinox with heavy rear damage had two adults, a 6-month-old and a 15-year-old were in the vehicle. The front seat passenger had minor injuries. The teen suffered a possible broken hip and was flown out by air medical. The driver was not injured. A blue Chevrolet pickup with a male driver suffered minor injuries.. But only three vehicles were in sight. About 20-minutes into the scene a Trooper spotted a piece of debris hanging on the guard rail of the bridge where non of the vehicles came to rest. He looked over the side and spotted a black BMW upside down about 20-feet down. FIrefighters immediately set up ladders and descended to the vehicle. Inside a deceased male was discovered. Troopers determined the BMW was westbound on the river bridge and passing. He struck the Mustang head-on. The white Equinox was behind the Mustang. The driver braked to avoid collision with the Mustang but was rear-ended by the blue Chevrolet pickup. SH 105 was closed for over 5-hours as the crash was investigated. Smith Towing responded with a heavy-duty wrecker and raised the BMW upside down. The engine had to be secured to the vehicle as it was falling out of it. The deceased victims have not yet been identified. SH 105 reopened at 1:45 am.




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