Just after 2:00a.m. Shenandoah officers were attempting to stop a four wheeler which was running through the new construction area in Shenandoah. As officers set a perimeter one of the officers who was outside his vehicle attempted to stop it as it raced down the 500 block of Hickory Ridge.

The four wheeler occupied by a middle aged male and a female struck the officer then flipped the four-wheeler. After righting it back up they sped off leaving the officer lying on the ground injured.

He was able to set his emergency button off on the radio and the dispatcher was able to get help to him.

Needham Fire Department and MCHD responded to the scene and transported the officer to Hermann Woodlands where he remains with his leg broken in two places.

Shenandoah officers and Montgomery County deputies along with several wreckers set a perimeter and began a search for the four wheeler.

The search was called off just before 6:00a.m.

Anyone with any information of the four-wheeler or it’s riders are asked to call Shenandoah Police or Crime Stoppers. It is believed the occupants could also be injured from flipping the vehicle.

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  1. Swatz

    This is a shame. The penalties they’d get for riding a four wheeler on the street are far less than the penalties they’ll get for running, and injuring and officer. It’s just good sense to stop while you’re a head.

    More importantly, it’s a shame that they hurt an officer, then chose to flee, when he needed medical assistance. This just makes me sad about people in my area’s attitude.

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